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1presupuestoAt Plimfers we implement our corporate values by starting up a personal and direct relationship with our customers and visiting them regularly to provide them with up-to-date information on all the innovations and changes in any of our represented companies.

During this period, we offer training courses and advise our customers on how to put forward the sale of our products, on the alternative products of our competitors, on the positioning of our represented company, on the different services we offer, project design with production of plans, calculating budgets, installation services, whether assembly or painting, on participation in advertising campaigns to develop sales, etc. - everything necessary to enable our customers to do their work in an easy and productive manner.


2intranetWe actively participate with customers who ask us to prepare estimates, by calculating the different items which make them up, such as the production, transport, the installation and painting service, etc.

All our customers have at their disposal an area of exclusive access on our website, where they can access all the information on prices and availability of our products and the additional services.


3distribucionOur location is key to the distribution of our products throughout Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands and Andorra. We are 33 Km from Barcelona, with motorway access, 126 km from the French border, 38 Km from the number one seaport in the Mediterranean and 42 Km from Barcelona airport.

All sales of products to an amount lower than that agreed with our factories are carried out from our 500 m2 premises-warehouse, which we have in common with our represented companies.

We carry out free picking for our customers; we label and dispatch any order we are requested to, mainly for internet customers. This provides greater competitiveness and efficiency for our customers and greater customer loyalty for us.

We regularly move packages with approximate dimensions of 1.90 x 1.2 x 0.5 m and weighing 200 kg, up to products of 6.5 x 1.2 x 1.1m and weighing 1900 kg.


5verificarPlimfers also offers our customers technical and distribution advice, as well as other additional services such as installation or assembly and treating or painting, among others.

We have specialised assemblers all over Spain with whom our customers, if necessary, can finalise the sale process by carrying out the assembly and painting service for our wooden houses.

We also offer our customers contacts with architects who certify and produce the entire technical building project dossier necessary in order to obtain the municipal building permits.

Another of the additional services we offer our customers is the possibility of consulting product availability, promotion prices, offers, etc. online in real time.


4serviciosaddicionalesWe have an established action protocol in cases of complaints, both by our distributor customers and by the end customers.

In our offices, we centralise all types of complaints, we analyse them and where appropriate and if we can do so, we provide the necessary spare parts for their repair or replacement. If we need outside assistance, we consult our factories so that they can determine whether to send us the necessary parts or to discuss the matter or to reject the complaint.

On occasions, and depending on the magnitude of the problem, we visit the site to check the cause of the complaint and send a report to the factory so that it may be resolved.


6satisfaccionAll our work is orientated and planned so that the end consumer can obtain maximum satisfaction in the represented companies’ products.

In this entire process we include our distributor customers. However many professionals participate in the preparation, design and production of the articles in our factories, our own Plimfers staff, the external partners through whom we send the article to their premises and finally the end customer, who at the end of the day is the one who will guarantee us proper management.


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