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Brands Represented

PALMAKO MANUFACTURER Palmako2015LogoPalmako is the leading manufacturer of wooden houses in Estonia. Their main selling point is excellent value for money and a very good service.

DURLANG MANUFACTURER LogoDurlangWEBDurlang is a belgian manufacturer with certi- ficates EN71-8 in all theirs playgrounds. Durlang have started business in Spain guided by Plimfers to commercialize its catalogue 2014.

LUGARDE MANUFACTURER logolugarde Lugarde is a renowned Dutch manufacturer of log cabins with an exclusive design and a customized production system, ideal for a demanding public.

Contact and Project Start-up

PLIMFERS visits, advises and provides training to all customers who request this, to help them do their work more easily and constructively. Read More...

Preparing the estimate

All our customers have at their disposal an area of exclusive access on our website, where they can access all the information on prices and availability of our products and the additional services. Read More...

Distribution of the products

Thanks to the location of our warehouse platform, we can distribute quickly throughout Spain and Andorra. Plimfers gives its customers the chance to use the picking service free of charge. Read More...

Additional services

Plimfers provides its customers with transport and additional service rates lower than the normal. We also tell them where they can find specific material or professionals. Read More...

After sales service

Plimfers is at its customers’ disposal. That’s why we visit their facilities or even final customer’s home to check or clear up any doubts about our products. Read More...

Customer satisfaction

The main goal we work towards day in day out is the satisfaction of the customer. If we can achieve that, we'll succeed in getting the customer to buy from us again, recommend us to another possible customer and put the competition aside. Read More...

Projects carried out by our customers

Camping Madrid LugardeVictoria4 Palmako

Linda Palmako Prima Fifth Avenue Duo Maxi RS1 RS2 kingswood Lugarde

Toby Palmako Prima Julia Lugarde Sicilie Lugarde Christina Palmako Monica2 Palmako

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