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sistema3en1 LugardePatented and exclusive Lugarde manufacturing system that offers an unbeatable finish.

The PRIMA 3=1 system provides all the corners of the house with an interior reinforcement of invisible aluminium sections which permit the wooden wall beams to slide into them without suffering the effects of dilation or contraction of the wood itself.

This system offers much greater durability than any other conventional system because it permits all the wooden sections of the house, except the roof, to be joined together using no screws or nails or metal fixing components.

This system also allows you to join several houses together, thus giving you the opportunity to create a unique and exclusive building, with a different look to those of your neighbours or friends.

The finishes of all the garden houses with the PRIMA 3=1 system are chosen by you completely to your taste, thus ensuring that your garden house is different to all those around you and enhancing your surroundings and your garden. You can choose the colour of the tegula tile roof decoration using a witch or cockerel weathervane or a chrome or bronze-coloured ball. You can also choose different types of windows and doors, with simple glazing or 4 mm double-glazing, etc.

You can have your guest room, office or living room or, why not, a bar near the pool, even a garage or store-room, which you will certainly never tire of looking at, due to its perfect integration in the surroundings and its beauty.

We have a large variety of designs and dimensions:

  • Octagonal summerhouses of Ø 250 cm to Ø 700 cm, open, closed, with or without skylight, etc.
  • Oval summerhouses from 350 x 250 cm to 525 x 385 cm.
  • 5-sided summerhouses with pitched roofs from 180 x 180 cm to 600 x 420 cm, some of them with interior partition wall, etc.
  • Square summerhouses with pitched roof of 240 x 240 cm to 420 x 420 cm. In some versions 4-leaf, accordion-type doors with 242 cm opening can be included.
  • Flat-roof summerhouses from 180 x 180 cm to 660 x 300 cm or to 540 x 420 cm, with integrated porch.


sistemaentrecruzadoLugarde also has a wide range of log cabins with a thickness of 44 mm and 68 mm.

We have technical means to offer you a variety of designs, measurements, types of windows or doors, window insulations, different levels, terraces, blinds, porches or different unions with another Log Cabin or a house in the Prima series.

You can show us your requirements by means of a sketch with which we can see the options of your design and prepare a non-binding offer. Once you are satisfied with the design, a more detailed drawing will be made at a cost of around €120, which will be refunded when the Log Cabin is delivered.

All the versions are delivered with windows and doors with glass, foundation joists and chrome locks. You can choose from 5 different colours of American tegula tile: green, red, black, brown, blue. The wooden floor is optional.

Different Log Cabin versions and sizes:

  • Log Cabin from 250 x 200 cm to 550 x 850 cm.
  • Log Cabin with integrated porches from 300 x 700 cm to 600 x 600 cm or also 550 x 850 cm.
  • Bungalow with rooms sized from 550 x 600 cm to 900 x 1200 cm.
  • Flat roof Log Cabin with integrated porch from 300 x 450 cm to 350 x 700 cm.
  • Garages with swinging door or double doors from 300 x 500 cm to 500 x 550 cm.
  • Double garages with 2 sectional automatic doors and remote control from 650 x 500 cm to 750 x 800 cm.

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