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Lugarde also has a wide range of wooden garages with a thickness of 44 mm and 68 mm. As with the Prima houses, the dimensions we offer are very flexible and we take your personal requirements into account.

We have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to specifying the final design. We can adapt the dimensions, the type of windows and doors, both walk-through and for cars, include insulation in the roof, etc. All these options enable you to create a garage that suits your preferences.

All the garages are delivered ready to assemble. The simple walk-through doors are always left-hand ones, but if you wish them to have a different type of opening, just indicate this in your order (no extra charge). The doors for cars can be swinging, double or even electronic sectional doors with remote control.

All the 44 mm versions are also available in 68 mm and can be delivered with an American tegula tile roof in 5 different colours: green, red, black, brown, blue.


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